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3 Steps to a Guilt Free Thanksgiving

For a lot of us, Holidays that are centred around food are a cause for stress, anxiety and guilt. Here are three of my top tips to get out of your own head and gain control of your perspective so you can actually enjoy your family and this food party.

  1. Manage your expectations – Thanksgiving is about family time and good food. We can’t go into a big festive holiday thinking “Oh I will just have one plate! No dessert!” We set ourselves up for disappointment. Let’s be honest, this is a once a year celebration that involves the people we love and delicious pie! So restricting your diet right before a thanksgiving dinner will leave you famished and mentally hungry.  Studies show if we tell ourselves “NO NO NO” we will most likely over eat. So instead…
  2. Fill up on whole foods– This is something that is simple and works. Through out the day, I fill up on whole, cleansing meals and lots of water. From breakfast to lunch and snack I follow the fat, protein and fibre rule. So with every meal and snack I incorporate these three wonders to insure I am satiated. I add cleansing teas in the morning and afternoon, such as peppermint, green and ginger tea to keep my digestion strong and happy. Trust me, if you are nutritionally satisfied before the “BIG DINNER” you will less like to overeat.
  3. GO for seconds! but with the understanding that it’s ok– So this is my last tip. It sounds simple and maybe even obvious but this too works. We have to be kind to ourselves. There is no rule that says you are a bad person if you go for seconds or thirds. We are merely human beings that love food along with social gatherings and it’s that simple. Attaching negative talk to food is detrimental to any progress you’re trying to make. Being kind to ourselves can do magic. It shows us a different more gentle approach to stressfull situations.

So be nice, be present and enjoy this beautiful day!

xx, K


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