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Where Have I been?! + My Baby Mama Approved Products!

I’ve been pregnant! Very pregnant, as in I’ve never more felt pregnant in my life everyday since week 7. Life has been upside down the past couple of months, due to all day sickness, crazy food aversions and zero energy. It’s been a much different ride this time around functioning with a 2 and half yr old running around and writing about something that inspires me was just not an easy feat.

With that said, I’m feeling much better now at almost 18 weeks. Slowly but surely my energy is coming back, the nausea is waning and I’m able to eat again! Hooray! I will start to post on a weekly basis about all things pregnancy and how I’m trying to keep up a healthy, happy and sane (with a toddler). First up, my new and improved skin care and body routine!


I wash my face with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser  followed by The Rose Face Mask  but I actually leave it on all night. It’s light enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin but keeps it hydrated during the dry winter months.

For day time moisturizer with SPF, I LOVE  Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30  I seriously go through bottles! And I so love the smell.

Lastly, I have the Lush Tea Tree Water spray right next by my front door and I spray it on my face right before I head out!


I use the Lush Shower Gel in It’s Raining Men. It’s moisturizing and so gentle on my skin. A+++ for the honey scent.

For body cream I use Dream Cream by Lush. Again, I go through tubs!!!

For my growing belly, I use the famous Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. I used this with my first baby on my belly and not a single stretch mark, so I’m back for more! The smell is addicting and will forever remind me of my babies.

I also SWEAR by Palmer’s Massage lotion for Stretch Marks. I use it on my legs and it’s great for summer because it’s not super heavy.

Weather you’re family planning or just found out the great news, I hope this list can help you navigate through the endless amounts of baby mama safe products out there! Until my next pregnancy/ health/ wellness rant, talk soon!

xx, K


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